Roof Materials and Colors

Deciding you may want a new roof? You’ll need to know what material and color you want for it, to make sure it meets your expectations. Once you’ve selected a material and color, you can call or fill out the form below to schedule a free estimate on your roof.

TAMKO is one of our premium shingle providers. We currently carry two of their best shingle brands: their Heritage Series and TitanXT Series.

TAMKO’s Heritage Series Shingles give your home a classic look with their vivid color and striking detail.
TAMKO’s TitanXT Series Shingles provide your home with extreme weather protection and a beautifully detailed roof.

GAF is our other premium shingle provider. We currently can not display all of their available colors here, so if you don’t see a color here that interests you, you can go to their catalog below.

Metal Roofing

Along with shingles, we offer the best in metal roofing that provides incredible weather resistance, while maintaining its shiny new look.

Decided on your color? Even if your still on the fence about a new roof, there’s no risk in scheduling a free estimate!